Being a stay-at-home parent since 2015, my daily routine is mainly housekeeping, which includes laundry, cooking, and washing.

Much of my expenses goes into buying products we need to use daily.

It’s always a challenge in shopping for products:

  1. There are too many brands of products which make it difficult to choose from.
  2. Products are getting more expensive.
  3. Most products are usually high in chemical contents, which we know is not beneficial for health in the long run.

As a consumer, we would naturally want to:

  • Buy products that are affordable.
  • Buy products that are of good quality.
  • Buy products that use natural ingredients.

We associate price with quality, and there’s a constant battle within us to choose either.

If we choose PRICE to be the deciding factor, we question if the ingredients are of lower grade. If we choose QUALITY to be the deciding factor, the price of the item is higher than the rest.

I’m lucky to know that one company in the world actually gives you the best of both worlds. I no longer need to choose between price and quality. I can have both price and quality. The bonus is that the company uses mainly plant-based ingredients in its products!

Problems solved. Solution found.


Other than absolute products, I can offset much of my monthly daily necessities expenses with Atomy’s membership reward system.

Atomy provides me not only high-quality natural products that are affordable, and also an income from daily expenses.

Are you still here?


Keep reading to know more about this company!

What is Atomy?

Atomy is an online shopping platform selling a wide variety of products for healthcare, skincare, personal care, and even food and beverages.

Where is Atomy from?

Atomy originated in South Korea in 2009 and has since opened over 10 overseas branches in regions like the USA, Japan, and Canada where strict product guidelines apply.

Is Atomy membership really free?

Yes, you do not need to pay anything upfront.

  • There is no registration fee
  • There is no sign-up package
  • There is no forced monthly buying
How does Atomy pay commissions when they don’t charge any fees?

The fact that you don’t have to pay to be a member has made more people willing to join and try the products.

Thanks to the Absolute Quality, Absolute Price principle, most of the members have been satisfied with the products, leading to voluntary repurchases.

When members voluntarily repurchase, it ensures steady and growing global sales, and therefore, secure commissions for the members.

Global sales already crossed over a billion dollars in 2019.

Up to 35% of the global sales PV are allocated to the members who meet the payout criteria as commissions.

What countries is Atomy in?

Atomy currently operates in these regions, with more to come!

Where are Atomy products made?

Kolmar BNH provides 60-65% of Atomy’s products, with the rest sourced from other parts of the world that meet the Absolute Quality and Absolute Price standard.

Kolmar BNH is the first private-government joint-venture company, formed by both Kolmar Korea (a subsidiary of Kolmar USA) and KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute).

Kolmar Korea is one of the largest cosmetics manufacturers in South Korea.

KAERI has some of the most brilliant scientists and researchers in Korea and has a very strong research and development team.

Is Atomy for you?

Yes, if you like to use affordable and quality products.

Absolutely, if you’re interested in a system where expenses don’t just remain expenses, but become connected to commissions.