Why Is Atomy A Great Business Model

Are you wondering if Atomy is a good business model?

Why Atomy Is A Great Business Model

  • Online Shopping Mall
  • Daily Necessities
  • MASSTIGE Products

Main Pointers:

  • A shift in consuming habits, from offline shopping to online shopping.
  • Atomy is an online shopping mall that sells daily necessities, consumer staples.
  • Daily necessity is a stable source of consuming habits which is relevant in any kind of economical situation.
  • MASSTIGE business model – luxury quality products sold at a price where the mass can afford.

According to this report, digital shopping is here to stay. It also states there will expected growth in online shoppers in categories such as household supplies and personal-care products.

You might already notice that more and more brick-and-mortar retail establishments are closing down, due to the pressure of cost and also the rise of mobile shopping.

Atomy operates only online, saving operational costs, and is already riding on the online shopping trend.

If you noticed, Atomy sells products that one will need to use everyday, daily essentials.

These products will still be needed by people even in economically challenging times.

With its MASSTIGE business model, quality daily essentials are being sold at an affordable price where everyone can afford it.

These factors will bring in a stable source of sales, which is beneficial for distributors like us.


Atomy business is relevant and is evolving with time.

Zero financial risk and great products at an affordable price are what make Atomy a great business model.

People buy Atomy products because they are of great value, better price, and quality value than other retail outlets.