Where Are Atomy Products Made?

As you might have already know, Atomy is an online shopping mall.

They are not manufacturers.

Atomy Suppliers

Atomy source for their products through 3 channels:

  • Kolmar BNH
  • Korean SMEs
  • Global SMEs thru GSGS (Global Sourcing Global Sales)

Kolmar BNH

Kolmar BNH is a listed company in Korea (KOSDAQ: 200130)

More than half of Atomy’s product comes from Kolmar BNH (Beauty & Health).

From the name, you can already guess that they are responsible for supplying most of Atomy’s Health Care and Skin Care products.

Kolmar BNH is the first private-government joint-venture company, formed by both Kolmar Korea (a subsidiary of Kolmar USA) and KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute).

All Kolmar BNH products are only distributed through Atomy’s vast sales network.

What sets Kolmar BNH products apart from other manufacturers is their Patented High Purification Technology.

This breakthrough technology was developed by KAERI’s Life Science Research Center. It allows for a high content extract of active ingredients while maintaining the same color.

Why is this important for you?

This technology allows 500 times more essence (active ingredients) of herbs to be added to the products without affecting the color and texture of the products.

As Atomy prides on selling Absolute Quality at an Absolute Price, you are not paying a big premium for better products that have more active ingredients than others.

As a matter of fact, the prices are set at an amount so affordable to the general masses, which is good for you and me.

This is also why Atomy’s products are more effective than other brands of the same.

Behind the scenes of Kolmar BNH

Win-Win Strategy With Small and Middle Enterprises

Korean SMEs

As Atomy strives to be a global distribution hub, they also partners with domestic SMEs that produces good products but have limited brand power and marketing capability.

If a partner is selected, Atomy will invest their know-how to help that partner level-up their manufacturing practices and costing issues so that they will be able to meet the “Absolute Price, Absolute Quality” standard.

And through Atomy’s massive membership size, that partner’s product(s) will be able to reach more people and even have an opportunity at overseas market, which is not possible otherwise.

Did you know: Atomy has a “one partner per product” philosophy.

For each product line, there will only be one manufacturer. That manufacturer will then be able to focus on making the best product instead of worrying about competition.

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Global SMEs via Global Sourcing Global Sales (GSGS)

Atomy also sources good products from the rest of the world where Atomy has operations, using the Global SOURCING, GLOBAL SALES strategy.

Products are procured from around the world that meet Atomy’s Absolute Quality Absolute Price standard and selling them through their global sales network.

These local SMEs also are able to improve their products and expand their businesses internationally through Atomy.

With more and more overseas branches opening, we will be able to access more quality products from around the globe!

You Can Be A Business Owner Too!

Atomy takes care of procuring good quality products so that you do not have to ✔️

Through strategic cost-cutting measures and bargaining, Atomy helps you to get the best price for the products ✔️