How To Be A Smart Consumer


I used to buy my household supplies at the nearby supermarket.

There are so many brands that I always spend too much time choosing which to buy.

Sometimes, I also tell people about the good deals that I found over there.

Yes, the supermarket didn’t thank me nor reward me for referrals.

After 20 years, I am still spending my hard-earned money at that supermarket.

The only reward is the miserable loyalty reward points that I can only use to offset my purchases.


I buy my daily use products at this online supermarket called Atomy.

They only have house-brand, no more wasting time to ponder which brand to get.

As they only operate online, the price that I’m paying does not include rentals cost and staff cost.

Not even the middlemen markup! as the products are straight from the factory.

Price wise, I’m saving a lot.

I feel that I am a smart consumer already.

After using Atomy products, I found that they are really good and cheap.

I started to introduce to the people around me to try these good and easily affordable products.

It’s almost too silly not to try them out since they have a money-back guarantee.

I have used Atomy products for about 6 months and have received about S$1000 cash from Atomy as commissions.

Comparing to doing my buys at the nearby supermarket, I’m not sure if I have ever gotten $100 worth of loyalty points from that supermarket for the 20 past years.


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