How Shopping At Atomy Changes Everything

I used to buy daily use products from online platform such as Qoo10 & Shopee.

My mother used to buy daily use products from supermarkets.

My mother-in-law used to buy daily use products from provision shops.

Do you know whats the common problem in doing so?

We don’t get a single cent back, well, maybe some points here and there. But we do need to redeem the points at the retailers.

How Shopping At Atomy Changes Everything

After we changed our shopping habits and only shop at Atomy, things changed.

Every now and then, we will receive money from Atomy!

Say what?

Yes, cash straight in our bank account. At about S$80*, it is not a small amount.

*The amount fluctuates due to exchange rate.

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We can choose to spend these cash in any way we like, not necessary back to Atomy.

We all loves to get payouts from the government, but it is irregular.

Atomy payouts are more stable and predictable.

It all depends on the amount of work you want to put in.

Most importantly, anyone can do it.

Time To Change Your Shopping Habits

This is a one and only platform.

It is highly impossible that you can find another company like Atomy that values customer growth and supplier growth.

Atomy knows that the only way to be in this business for the next 100 years is to offer products that meets the standard of Absolute Quality Absolute Price.

You can be assured that you will be using a quality that is similar or higher than the one that you are using now, and at a fraction of the price.