What Is Your Return On Expenses?

Have you heard of Return On Expenses?

You might know what is Return On Investment. ROI is simply the gain or loss generated on the invested amount.

So yes, there are returns on expenses too! But only if you spend at the correct place.

When you spend at Atomy, just by changing a brand and not buying anything new or fancy, you get point value.

Not just your points, but all the points of those that you referred over to Atomy.

These points will be cashed out straight into your bank account when criteria are met, allowing you to use them however you wanted to!

As your Atomy income grows to be more than your Atomy expenses, at a point in time, you might be able to get Atomy products for free and even more!

When you spend your hard earn money at other supermarkets or online retailers, you might get some loyalty points in exchange for some pots and pans or some other items.

Usually, you are required to redeem those rewards points back into their shops. You are locked inside their ecosystem.

You are forever spending your money in their platform.

Be a Prosumer, you will get profit-sharing on expenses!

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Why Do We Go To Work?

So that we can make some money to purchase daily essentials such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, detergents, food, etc.

We cannot live without these products. Month-in and month-out, we continue to buy these daily use products when they are used up.

So we are basically in this cycle of Work > Salary > Spend.

If we don’t break this vicious cycle, we will never be able to retire.

How Much Do You Spend On Daily Essentials?

I bet you don’t really calculate these expenses.

Taking myself as an example, this is the expenses for fast-moving consumer goods for a 4-room HDB with 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen.

ProductUnit $PVQtyTotal $Total PV
Toothbrush (8pc)S$12.0050001S$12.005000
Toothpaste 200g (5pc)S$22.0032501S$22.003250
Conditioner S$15.75 52002S$31.5010400
Body CleanserS$12.5032002S$25.006400
Foam CleanserS$12.0032502S$24.006500
Fabric DetergentS$16.0034001S$16.003400
Fabric SoftenerS$14.0034001S$14.003400
Hand SoapS$5.0010003S$15.003000
Dish DetergentS$10.0031001S$10.003100

Assuming these items last 2 months, I will be spending S$1235.40 per year on these items.

Is it a big amount? No?

But if I lived till 85, I will be spending S$58,063.80 over the next 47 years! Just to have basic essentials covered.

Bear in mind that this calculation only accounts for the basic needs, if you add in the health supplements and cosmetics expenses, the monthly expenditures can easily hit S$300 per month with 80k to 100k PV per family.

If you stay as a consumer and still choose to spend at the supermarket near you, this money will only go away from your pocket.

But when you become a prosumer of Atomy, you will get profit-sharing! A portion of the global sales will be distributed back to you when a criteria is met.

Does the supermarket/retailers that you frequent give you any profit-sharing? NEVER!!!

This is where the point value comes into play. PV is used for the calculation of commissions.

Return on Expenses = Accumulation of PV from purchases being converted into cash.