How To Register Atomy Singapore

Online registration takes about 5 minutes.

1. Visit -> Atomy (Singapore) Offical Site

2. Login using guest ID:

  • ID: 13373667
  • Password: 13373667
  • Click “Login”
Atomy Guest Login

3. Under “Consumer”, click on “Join Us”

4. Tick “All agree” box & click the “Confirm” button

 Agree to Atomy terms
 Confirmation of agreement

5. Fill in all your personal particulars

6. Tick checkbox for “Receive Confirmation of Registration” to receive your member’s ID in your email & click “Confirm”

 Receive confirmation of registration

7. Enter one of the SPONSOR ID listed below and click “Search”

  • 20570419
  • 19041475
 Search Atomy sponsor ID

8. Click “Confirm”

 Verify that the sponsor ID is correct

9. Click on “Center Search” & “Confirm”

  • Select a center that is most convenient for you (for self-collection at the center)
  • Center can be amended at a later date
 Choose Lifestyle Center
 Confirmation of center selection

10. Verify all information are correct and click “Done”

11. Record down your member ID and password.

Congratulations! Now you can login to your account.

Consumer to Agent Conversion

You can convert from Consumer to Agent at anytime.
Just submit the “Consumer to Agent Conversion Request Form” with the neccessary documents.

Video Walkthrough

This video walks you through the agent account sign up.

If you encounter problems, you can contact me through Whatsapp or Facebook messenger, or you can simply fill-up the form below.

I will get back to you soonest possible!