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How To Register Atomy Malaysia

Online registration takes about 5 minutes.

1. Visit -> Atomy (Malaysia) Official Site

2. Login using guest ID:

  • ID: 13373667
  • Password: 13373667
  • Click “Login”

3. Under “Consumer”, click on “Join Us”

4. Tick “All agree” box & click the “Confirm” button

5. Fill in all your personal particulars & tick checkbox for “Receive Confirmation of Registration” to receive your member’s ID in your email & click “Confirm”

7. Enter one of the SPONSOR ID listed below and click “Search”

  • 26568234
  • 24862370
 Search Atomy sponsor ID

8. Click “Confirm”

 Verify that the sponsor ID is correct

9. Click on “Center Search” & “Confirm”

  • Select a center that is most convenient for you (for self-collection at the center)
  • Center can be amended at a later date
 Choose Lifestyle Center

10. Verify all information are correct and click “Done”

11. Record down your member ID and password.

Congratulations! Now you are now a member. You can login to your account.

If you encounter problems, you can contact me through Whatsapp or Facebook messenger, or you can simply fill-up the form below.

I will get back to you soonest possible!

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