Bought Mum Red Ginseng, Aunt Get Cashback

I bought my mum a box of Atomy Hongsamdam, which is Atomy’s high-quality Korean red ginseng.

You might already know that ginseng has many health benefits.

There are a lot of places that also sell ginseng, so why Atomy?

Because it is hard to know the source of that ginseng and also its authenticity if I get it from somewhere else.

Also, ginseng in its raw form is not user-friendly enough to consume.

Atomy’s red ginseng, using their patented technology, is already packaged into easy-to-consume packaging, no cooking is needed. You just need a glass of water!

To meet the requirement of free delivery (S$130), I also got myself a box of Atomy Toothbrush.

This purchase cost a total of S$130 and gives 53,000 PV.

My auntie benefitted from this purchase as it allows her to qualify for a cashback from Atomy. This is her 2nd cashback!

A score of 15 is about S$75 worth of commission.

This is why I love to purchase from Atomy.

It benefits not only me but also my loved ones.

If you didn’t know yet, the membership is free to register.

Not sure about you, but I choose to let my family and friends benefit from my expsenses.

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