How My Expenses Turn Into Cashback For Both Of My Mothers

Not just my mothers, but also my aunties, sisters and friends…


Almost a year ago, my mother-in-law told me about this Korean online shopping mall called Atomy.

She said that it is free to join and the products are good and cheap.

Of course, I didn’t take it to heart and dismissed it as another money-sucking MLM.

Fast forward to today, I received my 18th cashback from Atomy (at the time of this article).

How ironic…

And No.. it didn’t suck my money…

Instead, I am having more rather than less!

When I first started out, the first thing I do was to introduce it to my own mother and added her to my network first.

Glad I did that! She so loves Atomy products so much.

After using so many brands of products, mummies are the best judges of products.

How My Expenses Turns Into Income For Both Of My Mothers

Note: This only works because both my mothers loves and uses the products themselves.

Atomy’s wonderful network structure links up all the expenses within the network.

My expenses are related to my members and my members’ expenses are related to me.

My mother-in-law is my sponsor and my mother is my member. So our expenses are connected in one way or another.

No matter what happens, we all need to buy daily essentials such as toothpaste, toothbrush etc.

It is just that we choose to buy them at Atomy online shopping mall instead of the nearby retail shops.

Every purchase generates Point Value (PV), and PV converts into cashback.

My Household Expenses

All my household expenses are connected to my mothers as they accumulates the PV generated from my purchases.

Every time I wash my clothes, wash my dishes, wash my face, brush my teeth, eat instant noodles, take health supplements, it is contributing to their future cashback.

And I only buy what I need to use, at anytime I need.

Mother-in-law’s Expenses

As you can see, my MIL accumulates points generated by me and my group members as her Left Group PV.

Since she uses products too, she can buy her daily essentials under her right group.

My MIL’s cashback occurs when certain criteria is met and she has already gotten 3x cashback to date.

My Mother’s Expenses

My mother also have a left group and right group.

As my mother is the first one on my right group, she can accumulate the PV of all my right group members as her Left Group PV. I also buy my household products in my right group too.

Since she is a product lover too, she can buy her daily essentials under her right group.

My mother’s cashback also occurs when certain criteria is met and she has already gotten 1x cashback to date.

Shop where It Gives Value

Mummies are the best bargain hunters. They can remember the prices of so many products and will instantly know good products at good value when they spot one.

Both my mummies have identified that Atomy products fits the criteria of Good Products, Good Value. Thus they will continue to get their products there.

Not Only My Mothers

Good deals must share right!

A couple of my sisters, relatives, and friends have benefited from Atomy’s products and received cashback too!

Sharing of good deals, good products is good karma.

Even more so when we are being compensated for the recommendation!

Now, all our expenses are related to one another.

I feel so happy when they get cashback because these are money which they will not get back if they had continued to buy at the retails near them.

These cashback effectively reduced their household cost.


As a human being, we will always need to replace our daily essentials. This means that we will never stop buying products from Atomy because of the values it gives.

As a stay-home-dad, giving more allowances to parents is not easy, but I can always supplement it with our expenses.

My expenses will forever contribute to the cashback that both my mothers will receive.