How Mother-in-law’s Facial Products Contributes To Cashback For Me and My Mother

Recently I wrote that I received S$78.81 and why it matters and also how my expenses turn into cashback for my mothers.

This article is to show you how our expenses on everyday products are linked together.

Lets see what my mother-in-law bought. She bought Atomy dish detergent, Atomy healthy glow base, Absolute cellactive nutrition cream, Absolute callactive ampoule.

These are products she is using everyday. Nothing fanciful.

How We Are Connected


Matching PV

My MIL’s purchase generated a total PV of 54,900.

As this order is bought on my mother’s side, my mother gets to absorb the points for her right side to reach above 300,000 PV.

Hence she got a score of 15, which is about S$80* cashback.

I too absorbed this 54,900 PV on my right side to reach above 300,000 PV for a score of 15.

I will also get about S$80* cashback.

What about my MIL?

She accumulates this 54,900 PV under her left group.

In time to come, she will also get her matching bonus!


In this case, an expenses of S$138 resulted in almost S$160 of payout!

Everyone’s expenses is related to someone else in the network.