How S$160 Monthly Income Will Change Your Life

Many might have felt that S$160 monthly income is nothing to be excited about.

Yes, it is my current average monthly income from Atomy.

As a stay-home-dad, it is a great deal, as it covers about half of my monthly household expenses (daily-use products & food).

What if I tell you that….

  • This S$160 comes almost passively every month?
  • You can receive this S$160 every month for your lifetime?
  • You can pass this monthly S$160 income to your one of your children?

It suddenly don’t seems to be only a small amount right?

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Zig Ziglar

I am 37 currently (at the time of this article).

Taking myself as an example, if I still only receive S$160 every month.

By 80 years old, I would have received a total of S$82,560 (43 years of S$160 monthly).

If I passed on at 80 years old and pass this S$160 monthly income to my child, who would be 48 by then, he would have received a total of S$61,440 by the time he is 80 years old (32 years of S$160 monthly).

Yes, he can still pass this account to one of his children (Atomy account can pass on to up to 3 generations).

What does my son need to do?

He just need to buy a box of Atomy toothbrush a year (or any item) to keep the account alive (he still needs to brush teeth right?).

It is a scary yet exciting thought.

It doesn’t matter if you only receive S$80/S$160/S$320/S$640/S$1280 per month, because once you believe in this system, it will work for you!

Since I already know the beauty of this system, I will not stop at only S$160.

I will work hard to get this amount to a minimum of 5-figures.

Just think of receiving S$10,000 every month passively until you die…

Just imagine how of much this amount can change your life and your children’s life.

And it all will start with this S$160.

This S$160 will turn into S$1600 -> S$16,000.

Yes, it takes time.

Many have achieved it in 5-8 years, Why not me? Why not you?

Cashback really matters, it can roll into a huge snowball.

Fine-tune your mindset a little bit, and you can see what I see.

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