How To Invest With Return From Expenses

Key Points:

  • Shop at a place where they give you returns in cash
  • Invest that amount into the stock market through ETF and let it compound over 20 years

What is return from expenses? You might ask.

In simple terms, it is cashback from expenses such as expenses on the toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.

These little cashback will be your investment capital.

These daily essential expenses are what you need to spend every month anyway. Why not get cashback on these expenses.

This way, you can invest without touching your original savings!

Investment is one way to grow our money, by letting it compound over a long period of time.

The secret is: Compound Growth

The earlier you start your investment journey, the more time you can allow compound growth to do its magic.

However, investing in stocks requires capital.

And not many people have extra money to invest. ????

If you have followed my blog, you will know that I have gotten S$1652.83 from expenses.

These are money that I would not have gotten if I have not believed in Atomy.

Like I always say: Grow Wealth, Not Expenses!

This cashback is a result of the return of all expenses from me and my network, buying stuff that we need to use every day, for the past 1 year.

This is why I always shop at Atomy online mall.

Good products, good price, good cashback!

Invest With Return From Expenses

I decide to use this S$1652 as my seed capital to invest until I am 65 years old.

For now, I am getting about S$78 to S$156 per month.

(You might no be able to get this kind of returns by shopping anywhere else.)

Instead of spending them on Starbucks or a nice pair of shoes, I am planning on investing them back into my fund every month for 27 years.

See the figures below and you will know why.

With an initial capital of S$1652 invested, growing at 7% p.a. for 27 years, the end amount will be S$10,265.

But, if I reinvest my small cashback (S$78) every month into the fund for 27 years, the end amount will be S$79,982! ????

If S$156 invested every month, S$149,699.

If S$234 invested every month, S$219,416.

You get the idea…

Small money can surely grow into small fortune.

The key is to be disciplined and stay invested until 65 years old.

Screenshot from

Seng Lee’s Portfolio

I invest into 2 funds, with S$826 into each fund on 25 October 2020.

I named them:

  • SLA BigBoss Fund (Syfe Equity100)
  • SLA Landlord Fund (Syfe REIT+)

I invest through SYFE, as they do not require a minimum sum and their annual fees are reasonable.

(My referral code: SRPRB7RX7 , both of us can get up to S$100 bonus!)

Portfolio as of 12/11/20

Financial Procrastination


You can invest without extra cash, out of pocket.

Return on Expenses can turn into Return on Investment.

The returns of your expenses are enough to generate another source of income if invested in the long term.

This is my way of generating another passive income stream through investments.

(Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Any form of investment will carry risk and you may lose your capital. Please do your own research as I will not be held responsible for any losses incurred!)

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