You can turn your household expenses into endless CASHBACK ????‍????‍????

Hi, I’m Seng Lee. As a househusband, I need to manage my household expenses well. I’m glad that I have found a way to save money and generate cashback from my household expenses.

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(since 22/10/2019)

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Living Expenses ????

The thing that you and I have in common is probably living expenses.

We cannot avoid it, and things are getting ever more expensive.

Though we cannot avoid living expenses totally, we can certainly adapt our buying habits to make it beneficial for us.

Just by changing to another brand, you and I can cut down the expenses on household items.

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How To Cut Down On Living Expenses?

You can do it by trying out Atomy brand of products first (you can change the country at the top right corner).


Atomy products are cheaper and more natural

As Atomy is an online shopping mall, they save a lot on manpower cost and rentals cost, etc.

Together with stringent streamlining of business operations, they are able to further lower the price of products.

All these cost savings are then passed on to consumers like us.


You earn 100% of the points generated by your referrals which can be converted to cash

If you are satisfied with Atomy products and shared your experiences with your circle, and they also signed up as Atomy members, you get to enjoy 100% of all the points that they generated.

All these points will be converted into cashback for you to further offset your expenses.

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How Atomy Saves Me Money ????

Before I know Atomy, like you, I bought my daily essentials from online platforms such as Qoo10/ Shopee, or from the local supermarket such as NTUC/Giant.

Every trip could cost me S$20 to S$50, and it is very easy to spend around S$200 at these places monthly, which forms a big chunk of my household expenditure.

After I get to know Atomy, I compared my previous expenses on other brands to Atomy products and found that Atomy ones are actually cheaper in price and the quality is equivalent or even better than what I am using previously.

Upfront, I saved money on products. After I shared my discovery with my family members and friends, at no extra cost to them, I am getting a passive income of about S$160 per month currently, which offsets my household expenditure further.

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How Atomy Improved My Health ????‍⚕️

Since young, I fall sick often as I have a weak constitution. After I started to consume some of these health supplements, my conditions have improved greatly.

Let’s Strive For Zero Expenses ????

You can break this vicious cycle of spending money too! This is a feasible way to recycle your expenses into passive income at no extra cost to you.

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