S$1652.83 – First 12 Months Of Getting Cashback

After registering in May 2019, my account was doing nothing as I didn’t know much about Atomy in general.

I learnt more about Atomy products and business model in the beginning of August 2019 and place in my very first order in the last few days of the same month.

I took about 2 months to get my first cashback of S$82.88 on 22-10-2019.

12 months later, I have received a total of S$1652.83.

I guess it’s not too bad for just shopping around :D

I have a small network now and can see the potential of the Atomy compensation system.

That’s why i never buy products from other places again if Atomy sells that product line.

I am glad that I have changed over to the Atomy brand.

You can try out Atomy brand of products too! No harm trying right? ????

For the next 20 years…

(If I still only get S$1652.83 per year from Atomy…)

Imagine this:

Every month I need to buy supplies from somewhere, it can be Qoo10 or NTUC (which is where I usually get my stuff) or Atomy.

If I were to buy daily essentials from other places…

When I buy from them, I pay them money. THE END.

They earned money from the goods that I purchased. Fair deal.

And I continue to do that for like… the next 20 years… I don’t get to receive any meaningful cashback.

If I were to buy daily essentials from Atomy…

I am getting a potential cashback of S$1652.83 x 20 years = S$33,056.60 instead!

Or even more! due to compounded effort.

It will be an awesome deal to do business with them.

The actual payout is much more as the members in my network are also benefiting from each other expenses too.

It is exciting to see how one simple purchase can result in cashback for multiple individuals.

Not forgetting to mention that even Atomy’s premium products are priced so affordably for you and me.


Don’t let your money go to waste, your expenses can also work hard to generate an income stream for you.

If you haven’t know by now, Atomy’s membership is FREE.