How To Turn Daily Necessities Expenses Into Income With Atomy

Its very simple to start in Atomy, in order to turn your daily necessities expenses into income, you just need 4 steps.

  1. Register for a Free Atomy Account
  2. Try the products
  3. Share your Experiences
  4. Get in the Success System

Register for a Free Atomy account

The first step is to register for a Free Atomy consumer account for your daily needs.

(Consumer account is approved instantly. You can always contact me on how to convert your account later on.)

This is the easiest step and probably needs only 5 minutes of your time.

Don’t worry, your account will be automatically closed if there is no buying activity in a 12 months period. The 12 months reset every time when a purchase is done.

Try the Products

This is the most important part, yet it is the simplest thing to do.

After registering, you can log in to the online store to do your shopping.

I bet you will use a toothbrush, toothpaste every day, change to Atomy brand of toothpaste and toothbrush to have a try.

You will also be washing your face with facial foam, wash hair with shampoo, wash the body with shower gel, etc. Try them out with the Atomy brand.

Personally, I have tried many Atomy products before I have confidence in the products and company. Started with the basic items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, and detergents :D

Click here to access Atomy Shopping Mall.

Just slowly change from all other brands to the Atomy brand at no risk, you have 30 days to return/refund to the company if they don’t suit you (only for non-food items).

If you do not want to try and use the products, you will never be able to generate income from it.

In this business, you only need to sell to one person, and that is yourself.

Because only when we fully use and love the products, will the sincere sharing come about. And we do not earn from any price difference.

Only when you truly love our products, then you…..

Share your Experiences

Every member ID is a free franchise to an Atomy shopping mall.

Now that you have opened a shopping mall, and is convinced that the products are worth using, and it even saved you money, what is left to do is to share the products and your store to people around you.

Most probably your initial customers are your family members and friends.

Do remember that we do not make money on the price difference. Every member buys at the same price.

Be their sponsor and help them register a free Atomy account too. You need to be their sponsor so that the company’s backend system knows that they are your customers.

It is the easiest business to do!

Because you don’t need to teach them how to use a toothbrush or shampoo! They already knew it. It is just changing a brand.

You just need to share your product experiences. You have already tried the products and find that they are cheap and good, and by purchasing from Atomy, you saved money.

So, in order to kick-start your Atomy journey, you just need to share your product experience.

Practice talking to your family members, friends, neighbors about it.

A lot of people are looking for more natural products that are cheap and good and trustworthy. You can certainly help them save money on those expenses too!

Get in the Success System

Atomy has a very comprehensive education system in educating its members.

The system is called Atomy Success System, they include:

  1. Education Centre talks
  2. One Day Seminar
  3. Success Academy

Education Centre organizes a free smaller scale (20 to 30 persons) talks on products and marketing plans for all Atomy members. It will be several times a week depending on the education centre arrangement.

One Day Seminar is also free and is normally on a larger scale, where Successful Leaders are invited to share their “Road to Success”. ODS is held once every 2 weeks in Singapore.

Success Academy is a must-do if you are really serious to be successful in Atomy. It is a full-day paid event. In Singapore, the fee is used to cover for the 3 meals provided. Members can learn to plan their Life Scenario, witness the mastership promotions, in-depth product talks, get updated on company’s latest news and also listen to the “Road to Success” by global successful leaders. Normally held once every 2 months in Singapore.

This system has allowed many members who are not good at talking/sharing of products or company profile to become successful. They just invite people along to attend.

As this system is available in all the countries that Atomy operates, your overseas member can just join the local success system without you begin there!

The company takes good care of all the training needed, even online training.

That is how your network grows and your potential income grows.