How To Earn Income As An Atomy Distributor

Try it. Switch it. Share it.

Sounds pretty simple right!

Once you know the basics of Atomy’s commission structure, you can proceed on to learn how to grow your network.

Let the power of network effect do it’s job of generating cash flow for you.

Here are a list of things to do (not in order):

How To Start Atomy Business

Use Different Variety of Atomy products

Atomy carries a wide range of products, change from your preferred brands to Atomy ones to try it out.

When you use more Atomy products, you will be able to tell others from your own experiences.

You will be able to say what are the things you like or do not like and how they change your life (if any).

Be Motivated To Learn

Channel Atomy is the official online learning center where you can find plenty of information regarding the company and products.

Atomy also organizes a lot of online seminars so that members can learn, at their own pace, at the comfort of their home.

You can learn a lot from the sharing of the leaders from all over the world.

Follow the official Atomy social media accounts for upcoming events.

Sharing Atomy Products & Platform

There is no fees of any kind in Atomy.

The only money involved is when you purchase products from the Atomy E-commerce store or receive commissions.

We are not selling products.

We share our product experiences and a system of getting back cash from our expenses.

You can do in-person sharing or through your social media accounts.

Be open and truthful.

Give Away Samples

For products like toothbrushes, toothpaste, Vitamin C, Probiotics etc, there are multiples in a pack.

You can pass some to your family and friends to try out.

I find that it is the easiest way to break the ice.

If they like the products, you can help them to register an account so that they are able to purchase on their own.

Network Structure

Everyone needs to build their own network if they are interested in making an income with Atomy.

We just need to develop our 2 main lines. One main line on the left market and one main line on the right market.

Don’t make the mistake of helping others opening both of their lines.

It’s also a good practice to place people who know each other into the same market so that they can benefit from each other’s network and expenses.

Teach Others

Show others how to do the same.

Show them how to earn basic cashback from their own expenses.

Show them what you have learnt in this post to earn an income through Atomy.

When there are lots of active consumers in your network, the easier and faster the Group PV adds up for commissions.