Sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is No ❌.

We don’t get paid when when get people to join us.

You can sponsor 5, 10, 100 people into your network but you are not not going to be paid.

This is where Atomy differs from other network compaines.

As there are no member joining fees, nor any recurring fees, it is not possible for Atomy to pay us when a member joins.

So, we don’t earn from new membership.

We don’t earn from our family members, friends etc.

Atomy is an online eCommerce store

As an online store, Atomy is only able to make money when they generate sales through their store.

Members purchasing the products that they need to use everyday πŸ›’.

Only when our members purchase products, which gives point value, we are able to accumulate these points to exchange for cash πŸ’².

Questions About Atomy Membership?

Send me your message!

(If you are already an existing member, please seek guidance from your sponsor as they will be able to give you more informed advice.)

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