(FAQ) Can I Control Who To be My Immediate Left/Right Leg Downline?

I’m sorry, you can’t do that ❌.

You cannot choose the position of the sponsorship.

As Atomy uses a binary system, If there is a member already registered on the left, the new member will be automatically be registered on the right when using the same sponsor ID.

But, you can choose which Sponsor ID to use to decide the placement.

If you use Member ID: 1234567 as Sponsor ID, as the member does not have any members yet, the 1st member that joins using Sponsor ID: 1234567, will automatically be placed on the left.

Now if you use Member ID: 1234567 as Sponsor ID again, as the left position has been occupied, the other member will be placed on the right automatically.

For future members, you cannot use Sponsor ID: 1234567 anymore, as both sides are already filled up.

If you want to place them on your left group, use 2223333 as sponsor ID.

If you want to place them on your right group, use 3334444 as sponsor ID.

Questions About Atomy Membership?

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(If you are already an existing member, please seek guidance from your sponsor as they will be able to give you more informed advice.)

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