(FAQ) Can I Choose My Immediate Upline?

I’m sorry, you can’t do that ❌.

Every member is part of someone else network.

So, there is no need to choose your upline, system will not allow you to do that as each sponsor ID can only be used twice.

Who is your upline is not important, what is important is what do you want to achieve in Atomy.

Everyone takes care of their own 2 lines.

If you are determined to be successful in Atomy, replace your brand of daily essentials with Atomy brand, take the effort to learn more about company background and products. And introduce Atomy to more people around you.

Atomy allows you to have unlimited downline and allows you to absorb 100% of PV of those that are under you.

Slowly but surely, you will progress and your income will also grow along the way.