Do You Have A Backup Plan? Yet?

Every now and then you will see news about layoffs and retrenchments.

American aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney will lay off more than 400 of its workers in Singapore as part of a retrenchment exercise, the firm said on Monday (Aug 3), blaming the Covid-19 pandemic and its devastating effects on the aviation sector.

The National Trades Union Congress and three unions said on Wednesday (July 29) they stepped in last week to stop unfair retrenchment practices by aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul firm Eagle Services Asia.

Ride-hailing and payments firm Grab announced on Tuesday (Jun 16) that it has retrenched about 360 employees, or 5 per cent of its headcount, to cope with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Times are bad, businesses are taking a big hit.

With reduced to no income, businesses are forced to scale down or close down.

In this report by MOM, Unemployment rates rose in June 2020 and Retrenchments doubled in 2Q 2020. It is expected that these will still happen in the foreseeable future.

This will impact almost anyone regardless of industry.

Single Source of Income

The majority of us only have 1 source of employment income.

When times are good and jobs are stable, not many people would are actively looking for additional sources to supplement their income.

We depend on this single income for our living expenses such as housing, food, insurance, retirement, etc.

So when this important single income is suddenly removed from us, loss/fear/despair sets in.

Atomy As A Backup Plan

A backup plan needs to be long-lasting and stable.

When times are good, people need to use daily essentials. When times are bad, people are still using daily essentials.

Just like our local supermarkets which are making good money, Atomy is having booming sales too!

Most importantly…

The ease of business makes Atomy a viable backup plan for your future, which is only to get customers to your online shopping mall.

Yes, you can work-from-home too (WFH)!

Totally zero-risk, the downside is taken care of while the upside is up to you to imagine.

And the only skill you need is to know how to brush teeth.

That’s it.

  • There are no fees involved in running the business.
  • The products are affordable.
  • The products are of good quality.
  • The manufacturers are of a world-class standard.
  • The educational classes are free.