What Is Atomy?

Atomy is a place where you can get daily use products online, an online e-commerce platform.

Atomy’s ideology is to provide low-priced quality products to the masses.

As they don’t do traditional mass media marketing and advertisements, they depend on word-of-mouth of its members to advertise for them.

Atomy members are willing to do free promotions for the company as the products are good and functional and affordable to many.

Members are then compensated with 100% of the point value from the sales of their consumer groups which they get back as commissions.

It’s a system in which expenses don’t just end up as expenses, but connects to the commission.

Introduction To Atomy

What Does Atomy Sell?

  • Health Care
  • Personal Care
  • Skin Care
  • Household Products
  • Cosmetic
  • Food Products

If you brush your teeth, wash your face, drink coffee, put on make-up, take health supplements, etc, you can get them from this well-known Korean brand too!

It started in Korea in 2009 and already have launched in more than 10 other countries.

With the R&D capabilities of Korea’s Government Research Institute and the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of Kolmar (100-year history), you can be assured of its top-notch quality.

Why Buy at Atomy?

Q: I can just buy it at the supermarket across the street! Why do I need to buy at Atomy?

A: It is because you can save money, make money, and use more natural products, all at the same time!

The membership is free and the points collected can be converted into cash that deposits straight into your bank account :D

With the Atomy house brand, you are assured of the best quality products with the highest standard of manufacturing practices.

You certainly can’t do that at the supermarket that is across the street!

Management Philosophy

Absolute Quality, Absolute Price

Atomy believes in distributing high-quality products that anyone can afford.

Absolute Quality

They only work with manufacturers who make products with good raw materials with the best technology and ensure quality control to uphold the absolute quality promise.

Absolute Price

Absolute Price is achieved through the massive volume of global sales!

The high volume of sales leads to a high volume of manufacturing, which decreases the cost of the raw ingredients and decreases the cost of manufacturing.

It is through the healthy cycle of selling more units that they were able to increase the volume while maintaining the quality and price.

And also by implementing efficient management strategies to reduce cost, they can give consumers the absolute price.

Membership is Free!

The membership is completely free, with no hidden costs and no purchase obligations.

You only purchase what you required.

Atomy’s Company profile

Meaning of Atom美 (Atomy)

  • Atom – Is a fundamental material for all things
  • 美 – Means beautiful in Chinese character

Atomy’s Background

Atomy is formed as an exclusive distribution channel for Kolmar BNH in 2009, in South Korea.

Atomy is not a manufacturer.

About 70% of their products come from Kolmar BNH.

The remaining 30% of their products are sourced from the rest of the world where the global branches are established, using the Global SOURCING, GLOBAL SALES strategy.


Atomy’s Global Sourcing Global Sales (GSGS) is a strategy to expand globally by procuring products from around the world that meet our Absolute Quality Absolute Price standard and selling them through our global sales network. Atomy will become a hub of global distribution through the GSGS strategy, which embodies Atomy’s love for its consumers.

They constantly source the best local and well-known products and export those products abroad.

Thus, Atomy members can enjoy these quality products around the world without the need to travel!

Kolmar BNH

Kolmar BNH is the first private-government joint-venture company, formed by both Kolmar Korea (a subsidiary of Kolmar USA) and KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute).

Kolmar BNH is a global health functional food company and cosmetics ingredients company and is created based on the technology of KAERI.

Kolmar BNH is the main manufacturer for Atomy.

Atomy is the sole distributor for Kolmar BNH products.

Most of Atomy’s products are made using a combination of technologies and R&D capabilities (cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and health supplements) of Kolmar Korea and KAERI.

Kolmar BNH conducts extensive studies on various naturally derived functional ingredients and continues to develop functional food and cosmetic products.

In order to secure the founding technology and commercialization, our R&D Center has implemented joint research activities with government-funded research agencies and university research labs, on the basis of C&D, an open research, and development strategy. Through it, we promote efficacy evaluation, stability study, standardization of quality management and more to obtain various results of basic studies in ingredients development and their commercialization and continues to invest in the development of new materials and commercialization.

Kolmar BNH

Kolmar BNH does what it is best at, and that is manufacturing, researching, and developing products, and let Atomy do the sales and marketing.

Kolmar Korea

Kolmar Korea is the global No.1 total service provider in beauty and healthcare.

They are a public listed company in Korea which was founded in 1990 and was the earliest company to manufacture cosmetics in Korea.

A company that constantly develops technologies that allow beauty and healthcare innovations.

They are an R&D-centered company:

  • Operating a total of 12 research centers
  • 30% of the entire staff are researchers.
  • R&D investment accounts for 5% of annual sales.

Kolmar’s unique technology is shared within its global Kolmar network.

They have more than 500 global clients, including well-known Korean brands, such as Innisfree, Nature Republic, and ETUDE HOUSE. As well as international brands such as well-known cosmetic companies such as Shiseido, Chanel, Lancome, etc.

KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)

KAERI is one of the biggest research institutes.

KAERI not only focuses on atomic energy but also develops food products using atomic energy technology as well as technology for agriculture.

KAERI’s research team has more than 1300 Ph.D. researchers and 4000 team members.

Imagine now that functional health and cosmetic product were being developed in an atomic energy institute!

KAERI developed and completed the HemoHIM, the best-selling product of ATOMY.

Global Atomy

After establishing Atomy USA a year later, Atomy went on to open in even more countries throughout the years and achieved more than 1 billion dollars in sales globally in 2018.

  1. Korea (2009)
  2. USA (2010)
  3. Japan (2011)
  4. Canada (2011)
  5. Taiwan (2014)
  6. Singapore (2015)
  7. Cambodia (2016)
  8. Philippines (2016)
  9. Malaysia (2016)
  10. Mexico (2017)
  1. Thailand (2017)
  2. Australia (2018)
  3. Indonesia (2018)
  4. Russia (2018)
  5. China (2020)
  6. Colombia (2020)
  7. Hong Kong (2020)
  8. India (2020)
  9. New Zealand (2021)
  10. Turkey (2021)
  1. United Kingdom (2021)
  2. Kazakhstan (2021)
  3. Kyrgyzstan (2021)
  4. Brazil (2022)

Distribution Hub

Being a distribution hub for consumer products, they can get their products straight from the manufacturer and then distribute them at a wholesale price to consumers.

They can sell at a low price because:

  • Get products directly from manufacturers
    • No middlemen
    • Cut out the markup by middlemen
  • There are no shopfronts
    • There is only an online store
    • Save on rental
  • There are no salesperson
    • Happy consumers help to spread the word
    • Save on salary

They sell plenty of daily use products and are cheaper than what you will be paying for if you buy from others.

  • Oral care (toothpaste, toothbrush, etc)
  • Health supplements (vitamin C, probiotics, omega 3, etc)
  • Beauty products (facial wash, toner, etc)
  • And many more


I like the core value of Atomy, which is to offer quality products that you and I can afford.

I no longer need to choose which brands to buy and compare the prices between different platforms.

As long as the product type is available on the Atomy platform, I will just get it from them.

I love their products as they use mainly natural ingredients (herbs, fruits extract) which are evident in their haircare and detergent products.

Better health for myself and my family.