Atomy Toothbrush

Super Slim Brush

The bristles are Soft and Flexible.

Measuring 0.18mm thickness at the base and 0.03mm at the tip of the bristles

It is effective for removing plaque and residues on and in between the teeth.

Your teeth and gums will feel refreshing after brushing.

Anti-Bacteria Brush

The brush formula contains antibacterial membrane and is effective even when it is not being used because it can keep the brush itself clean of bacteria.

Rounded Slim Head

Slim and round head make brushing easier as it helps to reach the back of the teeth for
complete oral cleaning.

Easy-grip Handle

A comfortable grip makes brushing easier.

The handle is a non-rubber material that is diamond-cut, nature friendly, and free from chemicals.

Where To Buy Atomy Toothbrush

What Seng Lee Says

Receding Gums

I used to have sensitive teeth due to receding gums.

My dentist told me it might be due to the toothbrush that I am using, the bristles are too hard.

The hard bristles actually can wear down your tooth structure.”


So, I changed to a softer one, only to find that they are not doing a good job at cleaning away the plaque.

I have had trouble finding a suitable toothbrush ever since.

Then, when I first tried the Atomy toothbrush, I fall in love with it instantly.

It is suitable for anyone who has gum problems such as bleeding gums and receding gums as the flexible bristles are very gentle on the gums.

Now my whole family is using it.

I love the price, it is so cheap ????! Only S$1.50 each.

They come in a box of 8 at only S$12.

I did a check at other supermarkets and found out that they are indeed one of the cheapest toothbrushes that come with golden bristles.

It’s almost too silly not to use them ????.

They really do a much better job of keeping my teeth clean.

Atomy Toothbrush Benefits

Choosing a good toothbrush is very important for our oral health.

Atomy’s bristles are neither too hard nor too soft, the bristles are flexible, meaning it is strong enough to clean properly without causing damage to our gums and teeth.

As there is no rubber component at the handle, there will not be any more annoying mold problems again.

The handle is also slightly bent in the middle to give a spring effect, which allows the extra pressure to be absorbed.

It is even FDA-registered!

The Price

The price is S$12 per box of 8 pieces, the same for both regular size and compact size. At only S$1.50 per toothbrush, it is so affordable!

A branded toothbrush can easily cost between S$5-S$9, imagine the amount of savings you can have.

It is a no-brainer to choose Atomy toothbrushes!

Using a good toothbrush also reduces the chances of oral diseases, thus saving on dentist visits too :D


Don’t throw away the used Atomy toothbrush! They can be recycled into things like bangles, S-hooks. It is up to your imagination.

Source: Youtube

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