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Atomy Toothbrush – Cares For Your Gums & Teeth

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“Soft bristles clean very effectively, more than the hard bristles. The hard bristles actually can wear down your tooth structure.”


Probably the best anti-bacterial toothbrush at the lowest price!

In the video:

  • How to choose a good toothbrush that’s suitable for you
  • How to brush your teeth correctly
  • The manufacturing process

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I loved Atomy Toothbrush because it is so affordable! Only S$1.50 each. It also does a much better job of keeping my teeth clean.

Super Slim Bristles
Super Slim Bristles

Flexible bristles that are 0.18mm at the base and 0.03mm at the pointed end. It allows for easy removal of tiny food particles between gum & teeth.

Anti-Bacteria Bristles
Anti-Bacteria Bristles

99.9% pure gold treated. The Antibacterial membrane helps to prevent bacteria grow on bristles.

Easy-grip Handle
Easy-grip Handle

Diamond-cut non-rubber material.
No mold ever!
It can be recycled for other use.

I used to use those toothbrushes that are sold at the supermarkets. I find them either too hard, which hurts my gums a lot, or too soft, they don’t do a good job at cleaning away the plaque.

When I first tried the Atomy toothpaste, I fall in love with it instantly.

Not exaggerating at all!

It is suitable for anyone who has gum problems such as bleeding gums and receding gums as the bristles are very gentle on the gums.

When we use a toothbrush that comes with hard bristles, it can cause damage to our gums or even wear out our enamel, which is the thin outer covering of the tooth.

The people most at risk for tooth or gum damage from overbrushing are those who are particularly diligent about their oral care and those who use medium- or hard-bristled toothbrushes.

Atomy Toothbrush Benefits

Choosing a good toothbrush is very important for our oral health.

Atomy toothbrush is neither too hard nor too soft, the bristles are flexible, meaning it is strong enough to clean properly without causing damage to our gums and teeth.

As there is no rubber component at the handle, there will not be any more annoying mold problem again.

It is slightly bent in the middle of the handle to give a spring effect, which allows the extra pressure to be absorbed.

It is even FDA registered!

Manufacturer – Deo Tech Korea

Knowing the manufacturer does instill more confidence in the product.

Atomy partners with Deo Tech Korea to be the toothbrush supplier as their design is simple and good for hygiene.

Absolute Quality:

  • Soft brush with antibacterial effect using gold substance.
  • Simple design without using rubber material.
  • Using PCTG material – BPA-free & durable.

Absolute Price:

  • Atomy pays cash up-front for the material cost to cut price.
  • Pay in cash as an investment to secure materials.
  • Worked with Deo Tech Korea’s suppliers to lower costs.

The Price

The price is S$12 per box of 8 pieces, same for both regular size and compact size. At only S1.50 per toothbrush, it is so affordable!

A branded toothbrush can easily cost between S$5-S$9, imagine the amount of savings you can have.

Let’s calculate for a family of 4 changing their toothbrush every 2 months, the toothbrush expenses for a year;

Other brands: S$5 (cost of toothbrush) x 4 (pax) x 6 (change 6x) = S$120

Atomy brand: S$1.50 (cost of toothbrush) x 4 (pax) x 6 (change 6x) = S$36

It is a no-brainer to choose Atomy toothbrushes!

Using a good toothbrush also reduces the chances of oral diseases, thus saving on dentist visits too :D

Birthday Gifts

They looked very presentable as birthday gifts. We packed them with Atomy’s toothpaste into small gift sets for my son’s birthday last year.

Is Atomy Toothbrush That Good?

The tissue paper can represent our gums or enamel.

Compare Atomy toothbrush with other brands of toothbrush and electric toothbrush.

Source: Youtube

Compare Atomy toothbrush with other brands of children toothbrush.

Source: Youtube


Don’t throw away the used Atomy toothbrush! They can be recycled into things like bangles, S-hooks. It is up to your imagination.

Source: Youtube


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Click here to access Atomy Shopping Mall
(30-days refund on

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Make Money?

Have I mentioned that you can make money with this toothbrush?

Yes! It can!

I have made some cash by referring Atomy products to others.

You can too!

But first, you need to register an account and try them yourself first :D

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