Atomy The Fame contains high-purity, highly concentrated effective ingredients that were extracted from natural ingredients to improve absorption and penetrate through the skin.

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From the countless new ingredients and Chinese medicinal ingredients that have been used throughout history, only ingredients with effects that could be proven through modern science were selected for this premium skincare line.


High Purification Technology

An advanced technique that eliminates the browning phenomenon and removes oxidants that are continuously generated after dehydrating and extracting green tea in order to obtain high concentrated, high-purity extracts.

Fresh Herb Extraction Biotechnology

An advanced technique that extracts highly concentrated effective ingredients from freshly gathered herbs of the day rather than dried herbs.

Fermentation Technology

An advanced technique that dissolves effective ingredients into fine particles using microbial enzymes to improve absorbance into the skin.

Multiple Capsulation Delivery Technology

This advanced technique improves the delivery of effective ingredients into the skin by processing, encapsulating, and stabilizing effective ingredients that are similar to phospholipids into the size of ultra fine particles.

How To Use

5-Steps for a strong skin foundation.

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