Atomy Synergy Ampoule Program

Atomy Synergy Ampoule Program, a strong and special high-potency intensive care with a customized prescription based on your skin concerns.

Miraculous change within 4 weeks, Experience it yourself.

Hydration and elasticity, brightening, lifting, and anti-aging intensive care 4-week program

Unique to the Atomy Synergy Ampoule Program

Special effects brought to you by targeting specific skin problems through intensive care.

1️⃣ Intensive care
Hydrating, brightening, lifting, and anti-aging – a systematic and intensive 4-week program customized for the four types of skin problems.

2️⃣ High-potency care
High-potency care with concentrated effective ingredients, optimized to each function.

3️⃣ Refreshing care
Upgraded efficacy with fresh active ingredients activated just before use.

*Highly effective Active ingredients that are difficult to stabilize are separated into active ampoules to achieve stability despite the high content.

4️⃣ Synergic care
1 bottle per week, miraculous change with 4 weeks, recover your skin to the best condition.

4 Unique Solutions by Skin Problems

Fresh and Nutritious Skincare Activated Just Before Use.

Use by mixing active ingredients of core ampoule and active ampoule just before use for Immediate synergic effect.

Achieves stability and high concentrations by storing highly potent active ingredients separately.

Ingredients In Common

Skin Awakening Peptide™

  1. Daily activates the skin’s main activities by acting as an alarm for the skin’s routine.
  2. Helps generate energy needed for skin.
  3. Revitalizes dull skin in the morning, and relieves the skin’s stress at night for smooth, glowing skin without fatigue.
  4. Provides brightening skin effects.

Skin Phytogenic Water™

  • Extracting moisture from select plants, which are optimized to each ampoule’s function, using the “Phytogenic Water Method”.
  • It uses as an alternative to water.
  • Enhances total skincare efficacy from moisturizing and nourishing your skin.

Code No. 0 – Advanced Hydration

A starter ampoule that prepares the skin for intensive care.

  • Contains highly potent active ingredients that provide an excellent moisture elasticity effect
    1. Core Ampoule: Baby NMF + Plant Liposome – Enhances flexibility
    2. Active Ampoule: Malachite extract – Moisturizing and firming care
  • Applies oil capsule stabilization technology (MET) to the Water Bank System
    • Creates moist, shining skin with the refreshing moisture of water gel and the gloss/nutrition of oil capsules
  • Applies Plant Liposome
    • Various plant ingredients applied through liposome technology, helps improve skin moisture retention

Code No. 1 – Vita Luminous

A high-end brightening ampoule containing 13 types of multivitamins, achieves radiant skin with powerful brightening care.

  • Contains high potency active ingredients that provide excellent brightening effects
  1. Core Ampoule:
    1. Absolute Brightening Code
    2. Vita Bright Complex: Powerful brightening effect with multivitamin complex containing 12 types of vitamins
  2. Active Ampoule:
    1. Pure vitamin C: Helps to maintain bright skin without blemishes
  • Fresher use of high content pure vitamin C
    • Vitamin C stored separately in the active ampoule container is popped immediately
      before use to improve skin texture and upgrade the brightening effect
  • High-potency ampoule that can be used without skin irritation even with high vitamin content

Code No. 2 – 24K Gold Infusion

Prestige Lifting Ampoule that shines with 8 types of peptides and 24K gold.

A strong lifting effect that raises even deep wrinkles, creating firmer and fuller skin.

  • Contains high-potency active ingredients that provide excellent lifting effects
  1. Core Ampoule:
    1. Absolute Lifting Code
    2. Contains white lupine peptide and 7 types of boosting peptides – Helps increase skin lifting effect
    3. 24K Gold content – Helps vitalize the skin with powerful energy
  2. Active Ampoule: Resveratrol – Helps vitalize the skin with powerful energy
  • Water bank gel system fills the skin with effective ingredients, providing firm skin
    • Confirmed the effect of maintaining deep wrinkle care and elasticity care even after discontinuing use

Code No. 3 – Miracle Rejuvenating

Highly concentrated, nutrient-filled Prestige Anti-aging Ampoule.

As if the skin was intensively cared for in an aesthetic treatment, it provides anti-aging effects by increasing skin pattern density with the next-generation Derma Active ingredient.

  • Active ingredients that provide excellent anti-aging effects
  1. Core Ampoule:
    1. Absolute Aimight Code
    2. Contains Almight Pep Complex 6 – Delivers protein to the skin
    3. Lactate – Similar to skin’s natural moisturizing factor, helps to strengthen skin barrier
    4. Bifida ferment filtrates – Provides skin maisturizing power, helps skin regenerate, etc.
  2. Active Ampoule:
    1. Sucralfate – Excellent for skin calming and regeneration, and widely used in many fields for its smoothing of the skin surface.
  • Achieves perfect skin as if intensively cared for in an aesthetic treatment
    • Highly concentrated nutrients gently permeate the skin through the Water Holding System, improving skin density and giving anti-aging effects

How To Use

Pop the active ampoule into the core ampoule ~and mix it to activate the ampoule’s efficacy just before use.

  • For best results, it is recommended to use all of the product within 1 weeks of opening.
  • For Synergy Ampoule Vita Luminous (No.1), mix the core ampoule and active ampoule 1-2 hours before use so that the vitamin C is sufficiently dissolved, and don’t forget sun care when using during the day.

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