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Atomy Toothpaste Keeps Your Teeth Clean & Fresh All Day

Sensitive Teeth

As I have sensitive teeth due to receding gums, normal toothpaste just doesn’t work for me.

I had to use those toothpaste that is specifically for sensitive teeth.

The problem with those type of toothpaste is that they are usually very expensive for 100g per tube.

So I tried out Atomy toothpaste to see if they really work for sensitive teeth as the price is very attractive to me: only S$4.40 per 200g tube!

To my surprise, they really work for sensitive teeth, even though they didn’t advertise as such.

I don’t feel the pain when taking ice cold drinks or ice cream anymore!

Whiter Teeth

You know what! My teeth also appear whiter after using them.

I didn’t notice that until a few of my family members mentioned it to me.

My son used to have a brown stain on his front tooth, they too have improved a lot in appearance!

An interesting aftereffect: mouth will feel refreshing after using them.

As the toothpaste is water-soluble, I don’t have the sandy feel in my mouth anymore, which usually happens when I use other brands of toothpaste.

Atomy Toothpaste Benefits

Atomy toothpaste is water-soluble and made with propolis extract and green tea extract.

✔️Good Quality with affordable price

It is effective in:

  • Dental plaque removal
  • Tartar deposition prevention
  • Dental cavities prevention
  • Bad breath removal

What is propolis?

Propolis is a natural antibiotic substance with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation effects. It helps to inhibit the propagation of various bacterial and viruses.

As it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation effects, I also use it to apply on small cuts, and the wound will usually heal up pretty fast.

The Price

For 200g tube: The price is S$22.00 per set of 5 tubes. At only S$4.40 per tube, it is so affordable! Best for home use.

For 50g tube: The price is S$7.00 per set of 4 tubes. Best for travel use.

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