Atomy Toothpaste

Atomy toothpaste is water-soluble and made with propolis extract and green tea extract.

It is effective in:

  • Dental plaque removal
  • Tartar deposition prevention
  • Dental cavities prevention
  • Bad breath removal

Propolis Extract

This is a dark brown colored and sticky resin liquid collected from the entrance of the beehive. It’s a natural antibiotic substance with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation effects to inhibit the propagation of various bacterial and viruses.

Green Tea Extract

Catechin, a major ingredient of green tea, enhances immune power, as polyphenol ingredient has anti-oxidation and anti-biotic effect, and is effective for removal of bad breath by deodorizing action.

Dental Plaque Removing (anti-plaque) Effect

  • Dental plaque is often called Plaque and refers to a layer that bacteria attach to the tooth surface and form in lumps.
  • Removes dental plaque by using a proper amount of silicon dioxide.

Tartar Deposition Preventing Effect

  • The cause of gingivitis inflammation is tartar and sodium pyrophosphate prevents tartar deposition.
  • Sodium pyrophosphate prevents plaques attached to teeth to be deposited as tartar.

Dental Cavities Preventing Effect

The triple complex action of monofluorophosphate, sodium fluoride, and xylitol prevents dental cavities.

Bad Breath Removing Effect

Bad breath is mainly caused by bacterial hydrogen sulfide or methyl mercaptan in mixing organic matters.

Where To Buy Atomy Toothpaste

What Seng Lee Says

Sensitive Teeth

As I have sensitive teeth due to receding gums, normal toothpaste just doesn’t work for me anymore.

I had to use those toothpaste that are specifically for sensitive teeth, which are usually very expensive.

So I tried out Atomy toothpaste to see if they really work for sensitive teeth as the price is very attractive to me.

To my surprise, they really work for sensitive teeth, even though they didn’t advertise as such.

I don’t feel the pain when taking ice-cold drinks or ice cream anymore!

Whiter Teeth

“Your teeth looked whiter than before” My mum suddenly told me one day.

I didn’t notice it myself until my mum mentioned it to me.

My son also used to have a brown stain on his 2 front teeth when he was still a toddler. After using the Atomy toothbrush and toothpaste for a period of time, the stain has gone away.

Feels Refreshing

An interesting aftereffect: mouth feels refreshing after using them.


As the toothpaste is water-soluble, I don’t have the sandy feel in my mouth anymore, which usually happens when I use other brands of toothpaste.

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