Atomy Pomegranate Beauty

Atomy Pomegranate Beauty is an award-winning dietary supplement that uses only the highest quality pomegranate grown in Antalya, Turkey, a city of clean air from the Mediterranean Sea and abundant sunshine.

Pomegranate is well-known as the fruit for beauty and women’s health.

Pomegranate Concentrate:

  • May help to Moisture Skin
  • May Help With The Health Of Woman In Menopause.

Ellagic Acid: Core Ingredient of Pomegranate Concentrate

Ellagic Acid is the main beneficial ingredient of Pomegranate Concentrate. 2 Pack (15g x 2) of Atomy Pomegranate Beauty contains the amount found in about 800g of fresh pomegranate juice.

The Ellagic Acid Component of Pomegranate Concentrate is increased by the Patented 30-step Manufacturing Method.

  • Ingredient Manufactured with Patented 30-step Method
  • Increased Extraction Amount through Enzyme Treatment Method
  • Increased Amount of Ellagic Acid, the Main Ingredient (2.4 mg/g)
  • Standardization of Ingredient for Stable Quality Control

Easy-to-eat Stick Jelly

Sweet, tangy taste and chewy texture for easy and convenient consumption anywhere, anytime. After opening, squeeze and push up from the bottom.

Award Winning “Pomegranate Concentrate”

Where To Buy Atomy Pomegranate Beauty

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