Atomy Hydra Brightening Care Set

Stay moisturized in all seasons, bright and moisturized skin, with Atomy Hydra Brightening Care Set.

Strong UV rays, high temperature & humidity, excessive sweating, and exposure to air conditioning are some of the reasons that cause your skin to be dry and tired-looking.

Use Atomy’s Capsule Essence and Cream’s 2-STEP care to quickly supply moisture and nutrients to your skin with a fresh feeling.

Atomy Hydra Brightening Care Set

Atomy Hydra Brightening Capsule Essence

Combining Toner and Essence into one!

Enjoy the bright complexion of moist skin with skin-moisturizing energy.

Can use right after washing face, skipping the toner

*If needed, Essence can be used after using “Atomy’s 3 Seconds Beauty Water”

1️⃣ Reduce Moisture Care, Increase Moisturizing Energy

With the “Combined function of toner and essence”, you can experience both the Freshness of toner & the Nutrients of the essence at once.

2️⃣ “Supply moisture” with Micro Capsule

Active ingredients such as micro capsuled Vitamin E are not destroyed and helped to safely reach the skin.

3️⃣ “Locking up moisture” with the synergy of Base and Micro Capsules

With the synergy of ‘Base’ and ‘Micro Capsules’ with upgraded moisturizing effects, ample moisture is supplied, and absorbed moisture is locked.

Atomy Hydra Brightening Cream

The power of pink moisture from Vitamin B12 promotes moist and vivid skin radiance.

To Maximize fresh skin moisture, use Capsule Essence & Cream together!

Rich Nutritious Base: Birch Tree Sap + Sea Buckthorn Extract

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