Atomy Hongsamdan (Red Ginseng)

Atomy Hongsamdan is a natural health product that may enhance immunity and support fatigue resistance.

Atomy Hongsamdan is 100% Korean Red Ginseng.

100% Red Ginseng

*Red Ginseng powder 3%
*Red Ginseng concentrate powder 97%

Patent no. 10-1357169
Method for preparing the spherical granules of red ginseng extract concentrates by using micronized red ginseng powder.

Patent no. 10-0813387
Method for making spherical pallet improves powder fluency and storage quality without extender from ginseng concentrates.

20mo/g Ginseosides of Ginseng Substances Included

  • Ginsenosides (Sum of Rg1, Rb1 and Rg3) are health functional substances that may enhance immunity, support fatigue resistance.
  • 20mg of Ginsenosides are included in one packet (Sum of Rg1, Rb1 and Rg3).

Spherical Gradules are Easy to Swallow and Convenient to Carry

  • Micronized red ginseng powder dissolves in water regardless of temperature and melts softly in mouth.
  • Convenient packaging sticks to take when and wherever you want.


Where To Buy Atomy Hongsamdan

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