Atomy Dish Detergent

Natural. Clean. Safe.

Atomy Dish Detergent is a highly concentrated, nature-friendly detergent that contains natural cleaning elements ????.

❌ No synthetic fragrances are added!

The main functional ingredients used are Bergamo Extract, Orange Extract, Tangerine Extract, and Calamansi Extract.

Detergent Infused With Nature!

Atomy Dish Detergent’s natural plant-based formula creates powerful washing and natural antibacterial effects while also having natural biodegradable effects.

❌ No more washing chemicals down the sewage.

High Concentrate, one drop will do the job!

Even though it is highly concentrated, there is no need to dilute in water. Use 1 or 2 drops per washing and one bottle can last very long.

The nature-derived raw materials remove tough grease.

The calamansi extract, which has 30 times the Vitamin C of lemons, makes your hands feel hydrated even after washing.

Class 1 dish detergent, wash with relief!

Recognized by the Ministry of Health & Welfare Korea as a Class 1 dish detergent. Can use for washing fruits and vegetables.

Qualifications and Certifications From National and International Health Institutions

Where To Buy Atomy Dish Detergent

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