Atomy Curling Essence

Atomy Curling Essence nourishes hair, adding moisture and shine, and maintains long-lasting volume and elasticity for styled curls.

Special Properties

  1. Works simultaneously as a hair essence and styling product
  2. Contains heat-protecting ingredients to help protect hair from heat damage when setting
  3. Refreshing texture with no sticky finish for natural styling
  4. Provides rich naturally-derived nourishment to dry and damaged hair

Perfect Hair Solution

For ladies with a wavy perm who:

  • Reviving curls from a perm that is losing its shape over time
  • Coarseness and frizziness from hair damage after a perm
  • The need to add buoyancy to limp and lifeless hair
  • Adding volume to thin, flat, volumeless hair
  • Inconvenience of daily styling with sprays and gels
  • A desire for a more natural wavy style


Works both as a hair essence and styling product.

The conditioning ingredients derived from natural sources create a coating film to protect your hair and treats hair to yield hydrated and soft hair.

Helps Prevent Heat Damage To Hair

The ingredient ‘Emogreen L15″ quickly forms a coating film on the hair’s surface to prevent heat damage from hair dryers, straighteners, and styling tools.

Easy Styling With A Light Texture

Easily creates natural, elegant curls.

Rich, Nourishing Ingredients

Protects and treats hair with naturally-derived nourishment to hair damaged by heat, air pollution, and excessive processing.

Where To Buy Atomy Curling Essence

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