Atomy Compensation Plan

Key Points:

  • It’s FREE to join
  • Daily Necessities
  • Good Quality; Low return rate of products
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (60 days in Singapore)
  • General commissions are calculated daily and paid out weekly
  • Bi-weekly Mastership Bonus sharing
  • Passive income earning on purchases over 3 generations

Requirements for doing Atomy Business

It’s too easy! Become an Atomy product lover and loyal consumer, just buy what you need to use.

Benefits Of Atomy Business

  • Enjoy Great Quality Products
  • Products at Factory Price
  • The convenience of an Internet Business
  • Multiplication Through Network Marketing
  • Fair Compensation System
  • Unlimited Downlines
Join MemberNO registration fees
No purchases needed to join
Maintain MembershipNO monthly/annual membership fees
NO obligatory purchases
NO minimum order quantities
Atomy BusinessNO flushing before paid
Lifetime accumulated personal PV
One member ID is valid across the WORLD

A Done-For-You Business

Atomy takes care of all the business aspect, you just need to let more people know about your business.

  • Website Maintenance
  • Payment Processing
  • Delivery Of Products
  • Stocking Of Products
  • Sourcing Of Products
  • Customer Service

If you are a member, you already own this automatic business.

It is an auto business because all the members in your network will automatically purchase their daily essentials from Atomy.

So, when your group grows, your income also grows.

The personal PV accumulated is for life and transferrable to 2 generations.

As an example, I can pass the account to my son, and my son can pass the account to one of his children.

1st generationMyself
2nd generationMy son
3rd generationMy son’s child

Marketing Structure

You are the CEO of your business and you only need 1 Left Partner to start your left group and 1 Right Partner to start your right group to get the business going.

Growing together and mutual success:

  • Binary System
  • Unlimited Level
  • Global Atomy One System (Multi-national Corporation)
  • Global Sales

Atomy Commission Overview

Commissions = 35% of total global sales = 100% global PV

Atomy gives out a generous 35% of its total global sales income as commissions.

Based on global PV, a member can earn up to 70% of the commission share :D

General Commission (44%)

Each point is about S$5. As Atomy is a Korean company, it pays out in Korean Won and so there is an exchange rate fluctuation.

Read: What is PV?

You just need 10,000 PV for your Personal PV to start accumulating Group PV and to have the right to receive commission.

Note: 10,000 PV = 2 boxes of toothbrush = S$24

Atomy automatically pays out when the accumulative smaller group PV reaches 300k GPV at 12 am (GMT+9).

If 300k GPV is not met, it will automatically roll over to the next day, until the day it cashes out.

Matching Bonus

G. Com~S$25/75~S$150~S$300~S$450~S$750~S$1250~S$1500
810K PVX
7300K PVX
6700K PVXX

Commission closing time is at midnight (GMT+9).

* ≥ means greater than or equal to

In grade 8, you get 5 points when your smaller GPV is ≥ 300K at closing time.

In grade 7, you get 15 points when your smaller GPV is ≥ 300k at closing time.

In grade 6,

  • you get 15 points when your smaller GPV is ≥ 300k but less than 700K, OR
  • you get 30 points if your smaller GPV is ≥ 700k at the closing time.

In grade 5,

  • you get 15 points when your smaller GPV is ≥ 300k but less than 700K, OR
  • you get 30 points if your smaller GPV is ≥ 700k but less than 1.5M, OR
  • you get 60 points if your smaller GPV is ≥ 1.5M at closing time.

Atomy pays out 6 times a week, so there are 26 paying days in a month.

You can earn a minimum of ~S$25/day (~S$650/mth) to a maximum of ~S$1500/day (~S$39,000/mth) with just general commissions!

General Commission is calculated daily and paid out every Thursday.