Atomy Calcium

Atomy Calcium supports for healthy tooth and bone formation.

It contains a well-balanced blend of nutrients that enhance calcium absorption.

Triple Formula

  • Calcium: Required for bone and tooth formation
  • Magnesium: Required for bone and tooth formation. Required for helping the normal functioning of many internal enzymes and energy production in the body, and to maintain normal blood circulation.
  • Vitamin D : Required for helping intestinal calcium absorption and bone formation.

What Kind Of Calcium Used?

The raw material of calcium is a type of red alga that grows naturally on the Irish coast. Seaweed powder is calcified from the natural plant minerals of the Atlantic Ocean with low
industrial pollution. The various minerals derived from plants are formulated in well balance.

Ratio Of Calcium And Magnesium

The ratio is 2:1 ratio, which is said to be the best combination ratio of calcium and magnesium.

Who Needs Calcium?

All ages:

  • Calcium is a nutrient needed by all ages!
  • Accumulate a lot of calcium during the growth period, and let’s stay healthy even as we age!

Crucial Period:

  • Childhood and youth period, which Is the growing up period.
  • The period of expecting mothers and women who are breast-feeding, which decreases calcium in the body.
  • After thirties in which bone density begins to drop sharply.
  • Middle-aged and elderly people, especially menopausal women whose bones are more vulnerable.

Where To Buy Atomy Calcium

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