Atomy Absolute Hair Care Set

Prevent hair loss, protect your locks, and achieve a healthy scalp!

Formulated with ample natural herbal ingredients for healthy hair and scalp.

Ultra nourishing formula for healthy, shiny hair!

Safe and gentle care with natural ingredients!

Developed by combining the powerful effects of natural herbs with modern science, “Absolute Hair Care” ensures your hair stays healthy while giving you a boost of confidence!

Atomy Absolute Hair Care Set

Atomy Absolute Shampoo

Absolute Shampoo

Traditional herbal remedy thoroughly cleanses clogged pores and helps hair grow!

Atomy Absolute Conditioner

Absolute Conditioner

Moist and shiny hair with highly concentrated herbal nutrient water!

Atomy Absolute Treatment

Absolute Treatment

Quickly recover damaged hair with rich natural protein and reinforced herbal ingredients!

Key Ingredients

A combination of functional hair loss alleviation ingredients.

Herbal Ingredients

100% Herbal Nutrient Water

Herbal water is made from condensed Angelica Roots, powdered Cnidium, and Peony. It promotes blood circulation and moisturizes the scalp for hair loss restoration effects.


A substance that maximizes efficacy by combining a traditional and unique fermentation method to 10 complex herbal ingredients.

It helps remove various harmful factors that cause scalp problems by blocking scalp pores


8 kinds of herbal ingredients are extracted at high temperatures using a traditional herbal decoction method.

It relieves one of the biggest causes of hair loss – stress!

Helps maintain a healthy scalp by spreading qi energy and blood to the scalp, which contains a lot of heat, and by improving blood circulation.

Deep Sea Water (HC72+)

An ingredient that strengthens scalp penetration by breaking down 7 medicinal herb ingredients extracted at a pressure of 10,000 meters below sea level.

Helps to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth by boosting blood circulation.


Milder and safer ingredients from nature.

Non-silicon prescription (shampoo)

The dilution-deposition system (coacervation) rather than silicon helps deliver nutrients to hair and scalp even after rinsing.

No Harmful Ingredients (Shampoo/Treatment/Conditioner)

To be a body- and eco-friendly product, harmful ingredients such as paraben, MIT/CMIT,
triclosan, PEG, and ethanol are being removed as much as possible.


Enhanced texture using Atom’y exclusive formula technology.

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