(FAQ) Is It Hard To Achieve 300K Group PV?

It is actually not too hard to achieve 300K GPV.

Atomy is selling daily essentials, products that you will use or consume everyday.

Atomy products are actually more affordable and better than many other brands.

The recurring buys of members are very high, meaning members will automatically replenish their Atomy products when it runs out.

Using the screenshot below, you can see that each order varies from 20K-50K, giving a total of 189,170 GPV on my right line.

Total PV 189,170

Your goal is to introduce Atomy to as many people as possible and sign them up as your members (membership is free).

Their PV will then be linked to you, allowing you to accumulate your Group PV faster.

The faster you can accumulate 300K GPV on both lines, the more frequent matching bonus you can get.

Questions About Atomy Membership?

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(If you are already an existing member, please seek guidance from your sponsor as they will be able to give you more informed advice.)

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