22nd Cashback Invested And SLA Portfolio Updates

Today, 17/11/2020, I received my 22nd cashback of S$79.48, bringing my total cashback received to S$1,732.31.

As mentioned in my previous post, I am investing these cashback into my portfolio.

I divided them into half to invest them into both funds.

  • S$39.74 into SLA BigBoss Fund (Syfe Equity100)
  • S$39.74 into SLA LandLord Fund (Syfe REIT+)

Syfe Portfolio Updates

SLA Portfolio 17/11/2020
Portfolio as of 17/11/20

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You can continue to spend your money elsewhere where it gives you zero to little returns or learn how to generate returns from your expenses.

After much research, I find that this is a feasible way to invest without touching my savings.

Making money while sleeping is not a dream. You just need to believe.

(Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. I am only sharing my investment journey. Any form of investment will carry risk and you may lose your capital. Please do your own research as I will not be held responsible for any losses incurred!)

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