Your Step-by-Step Personal Finance Plan

Do you have a focused Personal Finance Plan? I bet not. Myself doesn’t have 1 too. Thats why I have come to realise that I have wasted a lot of money for nothing. I came across this website that listed 14 focus steps.  A Focused Financial Plan For Wealth.

1. What Does Money Mean to You?
What is your money personality? Are you the Worrier, the Avoider, the Hoarder, or the Spender? What need does money fill in your life? You can change and adapt your money personality so that you are able to build wealth and live in security. First, acknowledge your money style and what money means to you. Then consciously try to enlarge your outlook by creating a budget, financial goals and self-motivation.

2. Live Within Your Means
Whatever your income is, do not spend more than you bring home every week. You know people who drive a car they cannot afford, and wear clothes they cannot afford, to boost their ego or to appear more successful. Many frugal people can grow wealthy by living beneath their means, and add to their savings every week. Do not finance your lifestyle with debt.

3. Let Your Partner On the Team
Discuss your money matters with your partner. Get yourselves on the same page for financial planning and make decisions as equals. A budget is more likely to be a success when both parties talk it out and arrange it together. When you work as a team, neither person wants to sabotage the budget and undermine their joint decisions.