Utilities Rebates In January 2015

OMG! Another January is  already reaching our doorstep!

In case you didn’t know, we will be receiving early an Ang Bao in terms of Utilities-Save (U-Save) rebates from the government in January.

In the past when I am still living with my parents, I thought that this kind of rebates is useless as it didn’t affect me at all.

Now that I am servicing my own utilities bills, I have come to realise the impact and value of the U-Save rebates.

I will be receiving a total of $110 U-Save rebates in January 2015 according to the table below.

GST Voucher - Utilities-Save (U-Save) Rebates January 2015

In my previous post, I have calculated my average monthly household utilities bill to be $53.20. This means that the U-Save rebates of $110 is able to cover for my January and February utilities bill!

Every cents saved is every cents earned!

Lets put the money saved into good use or just save it inside OCBC 360 account to earn more interest :D