Dividend Investment Portfolio: Jan 17 Update #1

Dividend Investment Portfolio received it’s first dividend of $136 from Singtel!

I used it to buy 100 units of Keppel DC Reit.

Saw that Lian Beng is CD today and it will payout $0.01 on 26/01/17, which is earlier than last year.

I realized I’m happier getting dividends every month than getting capital gains, so I guess this method of building portfolio suits me better as I don’t need to care if the market is going up or heading down.

STI finally closed above 3000 and looks like it will ride up with the rest of the world. Seems like units are getting more expensive to accumulate in 2017.

DIP Jan17 #1

Dividend Investment Portfolio
No Stocks Initial Holdings Current Holdings
1 Keppel DC Reit 5000 5100
2 First Reit 5000 5000
3 Parkway Life Reit 5000 5000
4 Aimsamp Cap Reit 5000 5000
5 Soilbuild Reit 10200 10200
6 Capitaland Mall trust 5000 5000
7 Frasers Cpt Trust 5000 5000
8 SIA Engineering 2000 2000
9 Singtel 2000 2000
10 Singpost 4400 4400
11 Lian Beng 14000 14000
12 ST Engineering 2100 2100
2017 Dividends Received By Month
Month Dividends Received
Jan $136
Stocks Dividends By Month
Month Stocks
1 Singtel Lian Beng
2 Parkway Reit Keppel DC Reit First Reit Soil build Reit CMT FCT
3 AA Reit Singpost
5 First Reit Soil build Reit CMT FCT Parkway Reit ST E
6 AA Reit
7 Sing post
8 Parkway Reit Keppe lDC Reit First Reit Soil build Reit CMT FCT SIA E Singtel Sing post
9 AA Reit ST E
10 Lian Beng
11 Parkway Reit FCT First Reit Soil build Reit CMT SIA E Sing post
12 AA Reit

Let’s keep building!