Dividend Date Monitoring

This page is for monitoring the XD and payment date of my Dividend Investment Portfolio.

It makes my job easier to monitor the payment date and then decide which stock to reinvest at a glance.

Dividend Date Monitoring
Month Stocks
1 Singtel Lian Beng
X:21/12/16 P:11/1/17 X:17/1/17 P:26/1/17
2 CMT First Reit FCT Keppel DC Reit Soilbuild Reit Parkway Reit FCOT
X:26/1/17 P:28/2/17 X:24/1/17 P:28/2/17 X:26/1/17 P:28/2/17 X:27/1/17 P:28/2/17 X:27/1/17 P:27/2/17 X:01/02/17 P:24/02/17
3 AA Reit Singpost
X:15/2/17 P:23/3/17 X:22/2/17 P:09/3/17
5 ST E First Reit Soilbuild Reit CMT FCT Parkway Reit FCOT
X:25/4/17 P:09/5/17 X:21/4/17 P:26/5/17 X:19/4/17 P:18/5/17 X:26/4/17 P:29/5/17 X:02/5/17 P:30/5/17 X:02/5/17 P:25/5/17
6 AA Reit FLIT
X:5/5/17 P:22/6/17 X:12/5/17 P:23/6/17
8 Singpost SIAE Parkway Reit KeppelDC Reit First Reit Soilbuild Reit CMT FCT Singtel FCOT
X:25/7/17 P:10/8/17 X:25/7/17 P:8/8/17
9 AA Reit ST E
10 Lian Beng
11 Parkway Reit FCT First Reit Soilbuild Reit CMT SIA E Singpost FCOT
12 AA Reit FLIT

Dividend Date Monitoring

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